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A Message To Our Doubly-Arrogant Generation
By Chief Roy Crazy Horse

Ours is the arrogant generation, which has taken upon ourselves to use an eternity's resources for our own benefit.

We do not even think of our own children - what will they eat? What will they breathe? What water will they drink? If we can't think of our own children, how could we possibly follow our instructions to think always of the Seventh Generation, whose faces are still coming towards us.

Our arrogant generation thinks of itself as being the only part of the Creation with souls and spirits. We do not consider the birds and animals, the plants and forests, when we seek "progress and "development". We do not honor our Mother Earth and her gifts. We do not respect other peoples in other places. We act as if the Creation exists solely for our own benefit. Corporate profit triumphs. Exploitation becomes virtue.

We are doubly arrogant, thinking of ourselves, only ourselves, our comfort.

We seek short-term benefits. We have become consumers rather than producers. We know no moderation. We respect no limits. We demand our needs be met  - now. Vast areas, which could support much life, are laid bare for the benefit of a few.

We destroy in the name of progress. We cheer destruction, and reward its perpetrators. Our attempts to correct imbalance causes greater imbalance.

The future of human life is at stake? So what! The planet is being destroyed? So what! Global warming threatens our very future? So what!

The Original Peoples of this Land had other ideas. We planned for the future. We thought of our great grandchildren to the seventh generation. We knew how to live in harmony. We loved all life and respected all creatures.

We still hold the keys to the future: our Original Instructions as human beings. It is not too late for all those who came here from elsewhere to adopt a new way of life, which is the oldest way of life on this land. It is not too late to seek balance, to sustain a future, to establish in our time a new economic order, which puts people, not profits, first.

Too old fashioned? Not Practical? Impossible? Going backwards? Perhaps. But those are the words of arrogance, which have brought us to the brink of our own existence.

The choice is in our hands. It always has been.

We are the spirit people who have lost our way in a material world. By restoring our own spiritual life, we can find the way back to a sustainable future. By living according to our highest principals, we can replace arrogance with humility. Our generation has this power within our reach.

All persons who love their children should discuss this message and act upon its imperative.

Chief Roy Crazy Horse
Powhatan Renape Nation