Native American Burial Grounds

"To us, the ashes of our ancestors are sacred. Their resting place is hallowed ground."
- Chief Seattle

The Native People of North America are living evidence of a cycle of evidence. That cycle extends as far back as human memory, and even beyond. Our ancestors are the very chain of Being that links us in that cycle from the past to the present, just as our children link us to the future. It is through our Ancestors and our children that we know who we are and where we stand in the world. To destroy the graves of our ancestors is tantamount to stealing our children, for we are One in a continuum of life. If you rip open our hearts, then the least we can ask is that you also provide a way to heal the wound.

As you know, many Native American burial grounds are disturbed, and often destroyed in these modern times, by agriculture, archaeology, road work, building, and other forms of construction. We take very seriously the physical and energetic imbalances caused by such activities, and consider it vital that the dominant society take full responsibility for its actions, and provide a means by which imbalances can be corrected. At the very least, in cases where burial sites have been disturbed, new land should be provided for the reburial of remains, where they can be reconsecrated according to the spiritual ways of our people. This is a small thing to ask, and certainly in keeping with the ideals of religious freedom and human rights upon which American society is supposedly based. Consider this carefully. We ask no more than would any self-respecting people, and no less than our ancestors would expect of us. This is as we see it. Aho.

Chief Roy Crazy Horse