Intro to the Powhatan Renape Nation

We are descendants of an ancient confederation that at one time included over thirty nations. Our people were placed here by the Creator and have maintained an unbroken history of thousands of years of settlement along the coastal areas of the mid-Atlantic.

The Powhatan Renape Nation is a non-profit American Indian Nation which maintains its cultural community land base and administrative offices on the Rankokus Indian Reservation in Westampton, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Government is maintained in the traditional way of an elected nine person Tribal Council and Tribal Chief. Roy Crazy Horse serves the Nation as Chief. Under their direction, the Nation carries out its mission to:

Provide for the educational, economic, social and cultural advancement of the people of our Nation, and to Assist those Native American people in need, wherever they may be, to deliver human services.

To achieve our goals, we provide a host of programs and services:

   Operate the only New Jersey American Indian owned Cultural Center

  • American Indian Heritage Museum, Gallery and Gift Shop
  • Traditional Woodland Village re-creation
  • Group tours welcome
  • Welcomes persons with disabilities

Every year, thousands of people enjoy guided tours!

   Maintain the Rankokus Indian Reservation

  • 350-acres of pristine, wooded land
  • Bird Aviary
  • Live Eastern Buffalo
  • Sheep and Goats

Tens of thousands of people visit the Reservation annually!

   Present Public Cultural/Arts Events

  • Two Semi-Annual, Award Winning, Juried American Indian Arts Festivals
  • An Annual Hoop Dance Championship
  • ‘Meet the Artists’
  • Textile and Wearable Art Shows
  • Demonstrations/Workshops

Tens of thousands of people attend our events yearly!

   Host Powhatan Renape Nation Community Activities

  • Elders Council
  • Teen Programming
  • Summer Youth Wilderness Camp
  • Annual Community Meetings

Young and old, hundreds of Powhatan community members participate regularly!

   Conduct Community Cultural/Arts Outreach

  • Speakers Bureau
  • Rankokus Eagle Dancers

Throughout the Delaware Valley, we reach thousands of people each year!

   Operate Social Service Programs

  • Home Weatherization
  • Low-Income Heating Assistance
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • HIV/Aids Education and Information
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Advocacy

Regardless of tribal affiliation, the Powhatan Renape Nation responds to the needs of thousands of New Jersey American Indian Brothers and Sisters!

Funding for our programs and services comes in several forms. As a not-for-profit entity we are most appreciative of all types and amounts of assistance.

Donations to the Powhatan Renape Nation mean
    Education ~ Cultural Preservation ~ Social Services ~ Harmony with Nature

For more information on supporting the Powhatan Renape Nation and our diverse programming, please contact:
Barbara L.M. Stevenson
Development Coordinator
Phone: 609-261-4747
Fax: 609-261-7313

We invite you all to the Rankokus Indian Reservation for our next Festival!
Semi-Annual Juried Native American Arts Festival
Memorial day weekend in May and Columbus Day weekend in October
TIME: 11am-6pm daily
Adults: $12.00
Children & Seniors: $5.00
Children under 6 FREE!