Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
Through funding from the US Department of Labor, the Powhatan Renape Nation operates a job-training program. The program is operated through our central administrative office in Westampton, NJ and two satellite offices located in the northern and southern regions of N.J.

An individual is eligible to receive services under the Powhatan Renape Nation's WIA Program if he/she is:
  1. An Indian, as determined by a policy enforced by the Powhatan Renape Nation. By law, the Powhatan Renape Nation must include anyone who is a member of a federally-recognized tribe; or State recognized tribe.
  2. An Alaska Native, as defined in section 3(b) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), 43 U.S.C. 1602 (b); or
  3. A Native Hawaiian, as defined in WIA section 166(b)(3).
  4. A New Jersey resident.

He/she must also be any of the following:
  1. Unemployed; or
  2. Underemployed, as defined in 668.150; or
  3. The recipient of a bona fide layoff notice which has taken effect in the last six months or will take effect in the following six month period; or
  4. An individual who is employed, but is determined by the Powhatan Renape Nation to be in need of employment and training services to obtain or retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency.
If applicable, male participants must also register or be registered for the Selective Service.

For purposes of determining low-income individuals, the Secretary issues guidance for the determination of family income.

If you are an American Indian and need employment and training, contact Kim at 609-261-4747 or